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1KW Solar System


1,20,000 Rupees. This is what an average Indian owning a 2BHK or similar space spends for consuming 15,000 units of power in 10 years. That money might help you in your time of need. But you are wasting it unnecessarily over a source of energy that might not be renewable. It may also be causing harms to the environment.

What if we tell you that there’s an alternate renewable source which will not only be environment friendly but help you in saving close to 50% of the electricity bills you’re paying? Interested? Want to know the answer? It’s the 1 kilo watt solar system. The 1 kilo watt solar system can produce close to 4.5 units of current daily. That roughly translates into 16,500 units in ten years. For producing these units, you need to do a single investment. Also gain close to 50%. You are also looking at a break even in those ten years. Which means all the electricity you produce after that is virtually free. There are schemes to sell the extra electricity also. Now that’s moneymaking machine you’re looking at.

This is the right time to invest right. Take a plunge, invest in the future so that you can light the way ahead.