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Solar Inverter

Solar Inverter

A decade ago, solar energy was just a resource which never went beyond our Geography Textbooks. But zoom in to 2017, it’s an alternative to electricity, and that too a very cost effective one. Though we can’t boast of Indian households swapping electricity with solar on a large scale comparison with its Western counterparts. But slowly and steadily, it’s happening. Currently India is struggling to supply electricity to each and every part of the country and it’s something that only 70% has access to. Also, in a country like ours there is so much scope to switch to solar inverterbecause of the abundant solar energy generated.

The citizens are increasingly becoming aware of the plight the world is in and are taking corrective actions. India has around 12000 MW solar-generation capacity as on 31 March 2017. This includes the contribution of the everyday households. Can you conceptualize a house run completely on solar power? Yes, such a house is possible. Solar equipment can replace even the simplest of devices in our homes. Using the solar inverter, one can enjoy a bath in just the right temperature and pressure. The most attractive aspect of this form of electricity is that it does not require additional land. We can set up solar rooftop system with minimum changes to the architecture of the building. Typically, a family with four members can manage with a 1 kilo watt solar system. Using the solar inverter, we can convert the DC we get from the panels into the usable AC. The excess power generated can be stored to a solar battery (which can be later used to extract power when the usage exceeds the production rate) or we can connect to the local power grid. Contributing to the state’s electricity production is a source of additional income for many households.

We can say goodbye to using kerosene lamps as well by replacing with solar home lighting system. It would bring about a lot of change in a country like India especially for the rural areas for whom power is a luxury and not a necessity. These are more safe, reliable and cost effective. After the installation of the equipment, the payback can be seen within 4-6 years. The solar equipment is rechargeable on its own and unlike the regular electricity that we receive we do not need to pay for it according to the usage. The savings are huge when we switch to solar and that’s evident with majority of American households going ahead with it. Also, if things go right, maybe you can get the Electric Car you always pined for. So go ahead, invest in solar system equipment and make your future brighter.

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