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Solar Lighting System

Solar Lighting System

A Solar Lighting system is basically composed of an LED lamp, solar panels, battery, charge controller and an inverter. The lighting system operates on the electricity generated by batteries through solar photovoltaic panels. The energy consumption of LED fixture is at least 50% lower than the traditional HPS fixture.
Sometimes, there is difficulty in setting up power connections in certain places due to lack of a main power outlet. Solar Lamps do not require to be connected to a main power outlet rather the solar cells inside the lamp generate power through sunlight. For Ponds, swimming pool or if you want to have a secret place to run away from the reality, solar lights are perfect for you.
Mentioning how cost effective solar lights are compared to the conventional lighting would be just stating the obvious. They’re way cheaper than electric lights and do not add upto energy bills. One major benefit to be considered is the cost of maintenance or replacement, electrical lights have to be replaced almost every year. In contrast to that the solar powered LED lamps rarely need replacement and the only replacement costs will be that of battery, once in five years. This can add a major chunk to our savings.
The rate at which electricity charge is increasing is approximately around 3-4% every year. Switching to solar lights can help in saving at least 40% of what we spend for the traditional lighting. According to a research, if 25% of energy would be generated through solar power, 200,000 jobs would be created as it is quite labour intensive. Solar lights not only create savings at an individual level but also create employment opportunities for the nation, which is quite vital to India at this point.

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