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We provide solar photovoltaic solutions for industrial, commercial, and residential customers.

We provide complete End-To-End Solutions Including Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) services and Build Operate Own Transfer (BOOT) services, for our customers seeking to build Solar Power Plants.

We assist our customers requiring Solar Power, right from the planning stage to the entire operational life of the project. With a focus on design of the project and constant follow ups for maintenance, Shiroi Energy ensures that we get the maximum out of the resources. We also provide financial return on investment calculation and suggest the best system for each client.

We have commissioned over 5 MW Solar Power and over 100 projects, across India and Africa. We have in pipeline solar power projects of 20 MW across various stages.

Apart from Solar photovoltaics, we also provide other accessory solar products including solar water heaters, solar streetlights and solar steam generation systems.

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Provide economical, reliable solar power using the best in the market technology and follow up with proprietary monitoring systems.