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Our Offerings

  • Project Design & Engineering
  • Project Execution from Conceptualization to Commissioning.
  • Provide Operations and Maintenance (“O&M”) services.
  • Supply Chain Management including design and engineering functions

Our Expertise

  • End-to-end solution provided for solar Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) and Build Operate Own and Transfer (BOOT) model
  • Customized solutions for our customers’ solar energy needs and capabilities
  • Optimizing costs and compliance, with local regulations

Ground Mount EPC

When installation size is large and you have a lot of unused land, you can install a much larger PV (Photovoltaic or Solar Cell) system and generate even higher savings; by providing the extra electricity to the government via the grid and get paid for it.

We can Design the system based on the location i.e. Land type and generate power from solar system, which can be utilised for your own consumption and/or wheel it to your industrial or commercial location, at a competitive price.

Roof Mount EPC

If you are considering renewable energy, to cut down electricity bills or to do your bit for the environment; a rooftop solar solution is the answer to all your needs. If your existing business premise has ample space to install rooftop solar, we offer you customized solar power solutions; as per your needs, to help you realise your power goals.

Installing a rooftop solar power plant will substantially bring down your energy costs, since the solar tariffs are lower than the prevailing grid tariffs. Moreover, it helps you to monetize your existing area, like rooftops or parking area, by enhancing its value.

Most buildings, across various sectors (where Roof top EPC is feasible)  -
  • Medium to Large scale solar power plants can be installed
  • Installable solar capacity is based on free unshaded roof space (available)
  • Fewer materials are required (for the installation)
  • Installation labor cost is lower
  • Un-used space is utilised
  • Permits are easily available
  • All types of customers Home/Society/Residential/Commercial/Industrial etc. can avail it

BOOT model

Shiroi Energy identifies and studies the potential clients, by undertaking an internal financial ranking operation. It then prepares a design layout along with electricity production estimates (for the same); for clients who clear the financial ranking system.

A financial model detailing the investment required and the returns on investment (to the client) and the fund (the investors) is detailed.

Shiroi Energy will be the EPC contractor and maintain the power plant for the duration of the PPA (Power Purchasing Agreement), which can be 10-20 years.

Thus, we have summed it up as Build Operate Own Transfer (BOOT) model; till the PPA stands.

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