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About Us

Our Approach

We are a value driven social for-profit organization, with a focus on providing the maximum power with the least resources. Founded in 2012, the company has installed over 5 MW across 100 projects.

Our vision is to make solar power accessible to everyone – specifically the people who need it the most.

We provide maximum solar output by optimizing system design, providing innovative solutions for improving the system output and we do it, in an Environment-friendly and Sustainable manner.

We strongly believe that our Values are the stepping-stones to our Vision. We place our faith in our technology, team, clients, and investors.

We aim to set the standards of Ethics, in the construction industry; through our Integrity, Trustworthiness, On-time deliverability and Efficiency.

We envision a world where Power is Affordable, Accessible and Nature-friendly.

Founder & CEO S.VIVEK

S. Vivek, the CEO, is an innovator who brings in fresh ideas to the business, customers and other stakeholders. He analyzes the sustainability of all the processes employed by Shiroi Energy and the products and services offered. He provides a fresh perspective to the business and works at improving communication with customers, suppliers, and partners

Founder, K.S. Vinodh

K.S.Vinodh, has a Master's in Business Administration from IIPM, Chennai, Class of 2006. Prior to his MBA, he has a Bachelors of Company Secretary from Vivekananda College, Chennai. He primarily manages the operations of the company with a strong focus on providing quality.He has wide industry experience in handling various operations and has excelled in negotiations and purchase.

Our Customers

Provide economical, reliable solar power using the best in the market technology and follow up with proprietary monitoring systems.