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On-Grid Solar Power System

On-Grid Solar Power System

On-grid solar power system is the solar power generation system, where it is connected to the utility grid. The electricity produced by the system is utilized and if there is excess power generated it is sent back to the grid.

This provides additional credits to your electricity bill, to offset/decrease your payment to the electricity board. For the devices and appliances to run during night, it would consume power from the grid.

The installation of the On-Grid Solar is hassle-free and easy to maintain. These systems are suitable for residential properties, community and public buildings, businesses, schools, etc; so that they can avail the security/backup of still being connected to the power grid.

Benefits of on-grid solar –

1. Zero Electricity Bills

2. Easy maintenance

3. Passive income generation

4. Decrease in Carbon footprint, reduced GHG emissions and thus an environment-friendly status

5. Subsidies and prioritising, from the government (in the future)

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