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Zero Investment Solar

Zero Investment Solar

Shiroi Energy identifies and studies the potential clients, by undertaking an internal financial ranking operation. It then prepares a design layout along with electricity production estimates (for the same); for clients who clear the financial ranking system.

A financial model detailing the investment required and the returns on investment (to the client) and the fund (the investors) is detailed.

Shiroi Energy will be the EPC contractor and maintain the power plant for the duration of the PPA (Power Purchasing Agreement), which can be 10-20 years.

Thus, we have summed it up as Build Operate Own Transfer (BOOT) model; till the PPA stands.

Benefits of Zero Investment Solar–

1.Zero investment needed on the client part

2.Electricity bills reduced by 25%

3.No need for Diesel generators, as the setup comes with battery backup

4.Best suited for energy requirement, ranging from 5 to 500 KW

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