Mandatory Government Regulations for Builders


In a recent order, the National Green Tribunal's Southern Bench emphasised the importance of obtaining essential environmental clearances (ECs) before beginning building projects. 

The following requirements must be followed under Rule 110 of the Tamilnadu Legislative Assembly in order to promote green energy and environmental sustainability

Guidelines for Environmental Clearance

LED/Solar illumination must be used in all communal areas - At least 1% of the linked applied load must be generated from renewable energy sources like solar cells, wind turbines, or hybrids. 

Solar water heaters with a minimum capacity of 100 litres per person (25 litres per capita) are required by the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy.

What are the Guidelines for completion certificate?

A third of the total terrace area will be set aside for the installation of solar photovoltaic panels.

For generating 1 KW of power, approximately 10 of space is required for building Solar Voltaic Panels. 

Which Buildings are the Guidelines Mandatory for?

All buildings that fall under the category of Group Development and Multi-Story Building must use grid-connected solar energy

How Strict are the Guidelines?

The CMDA's Enforcement Cell will inspect all HRB, NHRB, and public building locations, according to a press release released on August 31, 2021.

Any breach of the Tamil Nadu Town & Country Planning Act. 1971 relating to the non-provision of Solar Voltaic Panel systems, whether in terms of installation or effective use, would be taken severely and may result in enforcement action.

Why should you offer Solar Homes?

Solar panels on newly constructed homes can help a homebuilder in a variety of ways: 

Appreciated Value

Homeowners are ready to pay a premium for a home with an average-sized hosted solar array, according to a study.

Tapping Sustainability - Conscious Buyers

Your solar-ready roofs may attract the attention of environmentally minded buyers. 

Competitive advantage

Including solar panels in new built homes could give you a competitive edge and comply with governmental regulations.

Financial Perks

Guidelines for Completion certificate